Michael Flynn: America’s Future?

On the 12th of April 2021 Michael Flynn was announced as the new Chairman of ‘America’s Future Inc.’, ‘a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization‘.

America’s Future was established in 1946 to protect the American way of life and national values – primarily from the threat of Communism – through radio programmes and literature. It ‘concentrated [their] educational efforts on the proverbial man-on-the-fence, the uncommitted millions, the students eager to learn about their country and its traditions, the educators and ministers who are the prime targets of the collectivists, the parents concerned about the future of their children, the workers who have benefited from the free enterprise system, and the voters who control the destiny of our nation.

To a crowd of five hundred at the Generation Nashville Church in Nashville, Tennessee, Flynn was introduced onto the stage to address his supporters by Ed Martin, President both of America’s Future and Phyllis Schlafly’s American Eagles.

Ed Martin, a friend of Flynn who has hosted not only him but also his siblings and lawyer Sidney Powell on his radio show The Pro America Report, has been President of America’s Future since at least 2016.

From the 990 Forms declaring the financial activities of the organisation, much more can be learned about the recent history of the organization.1

Financial activity of America’s Future, 2001 – 2019

The publicly available financial documents paint an interesting picture of a seemingly dormant organisation past its heyday.

Graph presenting America’s future’s declared Revenue (Blue) and Expenses (Orange) for 2001-2020

In the period 2005 – 2015 the organisation received on average $114,679 each year and had expenses averaging $60,179 for the same period. A sizable amount of income was generated by investments (the 2007 990 form notes shares in Disney, GM, Intel and MacDonald’s among others). In contrast their expenses appear to primarily be from professional fees, clerical services and printing / shipping costs.

These seemingly low figures for the 2005-2015 period give the impression that this is a zombie organisation, having lost its purpose with the collapse of the USSR, an image strongly supported by what can be learned about their members.

Members of America’s Future, 2001-2019

From 2003 to 2015 eight members are listed on all forms:

  • John Singlaub (President)
  • Philip Clarke (Director)
  • John Schlafly (Director)
  • Harry Langenberg (Director)
  • John Metzler (Director)
  • Jane Russell Peoples (Director)
  • Robert C Richardson, III (Director)
  • Phyllis Schalfly (Secretary)

By 2017 only John Singlaub, John Schlafly, and Harry Langenberg remain listed as members. Phyllis Schlafly died in 2016 at the age of 92, while internet searches reveal that Richardson also died at the age of 92, albeit in 2011 – 5 years before he was removed from the list of directors. I have also found evidence of Jane Russell People’s death in 2011, again 5 years before being unlisted. Singlaub will be 100 this July (2021), pointing towards this organisation (until 2016) being managed primarily by elderly Cold War warriors.

As hinted the organisation received a shake-up in personnel around 2016. The biggest change was the appointment of Ed Martin as President, his predecessor Singlaub becoming chairman of the organisation. John Schlafly, Phyllis’s eldest son, took over his mother’s duty of filing the 990 Forms from 2016. New directors included Joan Singlaub (John Singlaub’s wife), Bruce Schlafly (John Schlafly’s brother), Gary Glenn and Brian M Kennedy.

As visible from the graph above 2016 was also the first year on record that the organization recorded a net loss, the high injection of $682,958 failing to cover
$718,431 in expenses. My theory for this abnormal financial activity is that the organisation became involved in the 2016 Presidential campaign. The organization also recorded losses in 2017, 2019 and 2020 despite revenue returning to pre-2016 levels. This appears to be in part due to Ed Martin claiming expenses from the organisation.

In 2016 Martin claimed $21,635 in expenses. This rose dramatically to $59,423 the following year before stabilising at $52,503 for both 2018 and 2019. According to the forms Martin works eight hours a week on average for AF, inc. , for which he is compensated these large sums. His expenses for 2017 equal almost 75% of the organisation’s total revenue for that year, resulting in the net loss of $38,819 despite revenue returning to pre-2016 levels. It is important to note that Martin is the only member to have received compensation from the organisation, despite other members, notably Singlaub and John Schlafly, working two hours a week for the organisation.

Members of America Future, 2021 –

While Michael Flynn is the new Chairman, Major General John ‘Jack’ Singlaub is still listed on the website as a member of the Team. According to America’s Future, General Singlaub was a founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and was a highly decorated former officer in the former Office of Strategic Services (OSS). As well as being chief of staff of U.S. forces in South Korea during the 1970s, he worked with President Reagan to fund anti-communist forces in Latin America. He was also a member of the John Birch Society, known to have promoted Phyllis Schlafly’s book ‘A choice not an Echo’.

From the same webpage it is evident that the team has expanded beyond those listed on the 990 form submitted for 2019.

These new members include Joseph J. Flynn, Michael’s youngest sibling, as well as Mary O’Neill, better known to listeners of The Pro America Report as Mary Flynn-O’Neill, sister of Michael and Joseph. Mary has come on the radio show to promote concern over Social services taking children from their parents, a problem popular in Qanon circles. Joseph has featured on the show to defend his brother. Joe Flynn’s Twitter reveals close ties to Roger Stone as well as him having been present alongside Ed and Michael at the launch of Mike Lindell’s social media platform Frank.

The other new member of the team is Tracy ‘Beanz’ Diaz, a youtuber and activist who worked for Ron Paul and the Tea Party Movement. She is currently best known for promoting Qanon and helping to develop its following on Youtube, Reddit and ultimately Facebook. On the 24th April 2021 she was elected on to the state executive committee of the Republican party branch in Horry County, South Carolina.

Qanon Connections

These new members have in common connections to the Qanon Conspiracy Movement. Michael Flynn since being investigated for his time as National Security Advisor has become an unofficial leader of the Qanon movement, engaging with its supporters and revelling in his image as a key enemy of the Deep State. Such is evident from the event in Nashville, where the crowd at several points revealed itself to be believers in the conspiracy theory. This is most apparent from the standing ovation given to an audience member who stated “Where we go one, we go all” – the slogan of Q supporters. As reported by Right Wing Watch, Ed Martin once retweeted Michael Flynn with the hashtag ‘#wwg1wga’, the abbreviation of the saying.

These Qanon connections, clearly efforts to co-opt or manage those who believe in Qanon, alongside the quality and content of the America’s Future website suggest big things are being planned and run through this organisation.

In conclusion this is an interesting development within the Schlaflyverse, with possible ramifications for the American politics as a whole.



Recording of the event in Nashville

990 Forms

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